The court in the United States ordered the founders of BitMex to pay $ 30 million

12 Janar, 2023 0 Comments

The court in the United States ordered the founders of BitMex to pay $ 30 million

Bitmex cryptocurrency derivatives of the Bitmex Cryptocurrency Derivatives, Benjamin Delo and Samuel Reed – must pay fines of $ 10 million each as part of the conflict resolving with CFTC . This decision was made by the court in the southern district of the state of New York.

In October 2020, the commission filed a lawsuit against Bitmex and its owners. They were accused of managing an unregistered trading platform and violation of the rules in terms of KYC and Aml procedures .

In August 2021, Bitmex regulated a civil lawsuit with the US authorities. The company agreed to pay $ 100 million.

According to the press release of CFTC, new fines follow from the claim of 2020. In addition to imposed monetary penalties, Hayes, the case and Ridu was banned from herself to violate the law on US commodity exchanges and CFTC resolutions.

“Ensuring individual responsibility for compliance with registration rules, market behavior and money laundering, which are the fundamental aspects of the American regulatory system, CFTC guarantees that BitMex management will be responsible for the superior world agreement with corporate defendants,” said in a separate statement Commissioner of the regulator Caroline FAM.

In parallel with this proceedings against the exchange, the case initiated by the US Department of Justice is being carried out. In October 2020, the co-founders of Bitmex and its top manager Greg Dwayer were accused of violating the law on banking secrets (BSA).

Rida was arrested in the United States, he came bail up $ 5 million.

The case in the UK surrendered to the American authorities in March 2021. Hayes flew from Singapore to Hawaii in April, having previously agreed on the terms of voluntary surrender.

The court also released both on bail. For Heyes, the amount amounted to $ 10 million, for business – $ 20 million. Duyer, who lived on Bermuda Islands, agreed to extradition in September.

At the end of 2021, Dwyer lawyers convinced the court to postpone his case by October 2022 due to a lack of time to prepare for the proceedings.

Recall that in May Arthur Hayes petitioned the trial of condescension. The ex-head of Bitmex asked not to put him in jail, but to allow him to travel freely and live abroad.

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